Farmers Golf - Phillip Island

The First FarmersGolf Course in Australia 
479-493 Berrys Beach Rd, Ventnor, Phillip Island, VIC, Australia, 3922
Phone: 0466 00 46 46

What is Farmersgolf?

* A variation of the classic game of golf.
The golf course is laid out on a farm and the objective is to play a round of ten holes in the least number of strokes.
* Is played on pastures, over ditches, through trees and amongst the farm animals.
* Uses specially designed clubs shaped to resemble a clog and balls the size of mini soccer balls, to add to the unique experience.
* Great outdoor fun in a natural setting together with friends, family or colleagues. Everyone can play Farmersgolf. There are no age, skill level or accreditation restrictions - no diplomas required.

Open weekends and holidays. Other times, private bookings and School Groups only.